MXT Synthetic Gut is a classic-performer and provides a nice crisp and responsive feel. The MXT technology adds strength and durability while optimizing tension maintenance. This is a very control-oriented string.
Mains: 15g 1.35mm 40ft/12.2m       Mains: 16g 1.29mm 40ft/12.2m
Mains: 17g 1.22mm 40ft/12.2m       Mains: 18g 1.15mm 40ft/12.2m
Viper is a premium solid string advancing the MXT technology to the next level. The core is excellent at maintaining tension while the speckeled-coating reduces friction between strings. This unity provides optimal playability and control.
Mains: 16g 1.28mm 40ft/12.2m       Mains: 17g 1.24mm 40ft/12.2m
Mains: 18g 1.15mm 40ft/12.2m

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